Saturday, July 14, 2007


On Monday, July 9, 2007 the NAACP held a mock funeral in Detroit to “bury” the infamous “N word” –- nigger.

I have just two words in response: Nigga, PLEASE!!

First of all, did you see who attended that “funeral”?

Yup, mostly people of Afrikan descent.

Now, considering that this word was created by, came into popular use by, was “normalized” by generations of white people in this country, and was given its unique power as a racial epithet and tool by white people, this “funeral” would have been more meaningful had it been conducted and solemnized by white people for white people.

After all, during its generations of use by white people –- and make no mistake, this term was one of the ones that Afrikan descendants heard as they were being lynched, raped, and subjected to all kinds of “domestic terrorism” for which we have yet to receive justice or reparations –- every time the term was used, it served to lift them up and tear us down.

And even today, whether that term is used by white citizens or those of Afrikan descent, it serves to do the same.

And –- because we are here to deconstruct everyday manifestations of racism-white supremacy in popular culture -– how “convenient” that just as white people had to go under white hoods to comfortably use the term, the entertainment industry –- long dominated by white men with decision making authority –- chose to promote, uplift, and foist upon the public that one aspect of popular amerikkkan culture which was publicly forbidden them: a gluttony of usage of that word (in songs, rap and hip hop lyrics, movies, etc.).

With most hip-hop and rap music being consumed by young white men, yet another generation is inculcated in the popular amerikkkan sport of “nigger name calling.” Only this time, they can do it without prohibition, in the form of popular music coming out of the unconscious Black mouthpieces of white suits consciously making musical choices in line with the racial history –- including minstrel entertainment history –- of this country.

People like Quentin Tarantino have long been thought of as “cool” and “edgy” as they make careers of generously sprinkling the word “nigger” throughout their movies like butter over popcorn, and the movie-going audience -- both the Black brainwashed and the white beneficiaries of amerikkka’s racial oppression –- gorge on it like starving men and women at a free all-you-can-eat buffet. . .taking their assigned roles on the 21st Century neo-plantation. Smiling “niggas” and their “racially benign friends”, ready for three. . .two. . .one. . .ACTION!!

And so here we are.

With those of Afrikan descent “burying” a derogatory term that they appropriated from white amerikkka, claiming 100% responsibility for its use as if they had invented, popularized, and given the word its power.

And “colorblind” white amerikkka letting them, disassociating itself from that word and action as if it bears no responsibility at all for it, willing to let Black America do the work and carry their burdens for them. . .just like on the plantation.

A more authentic “burying” of the term would have happened had it been white amerikkka admitting to, expressing contrition, and asking repentance for the creation and multi-generational use of the term as its preferred “weapon of mass destruction” that it so long ago unleashed on both Afrikan and Afrikan descendants.

Of course, that did not happen on July 9th. Nor will it.

But when and if it does, I’ll make sure to be at the “funeral” in the front pew.

Until then however -– and trust me on this! -- we’ll see that this “buried” term is just like a vampire: it will keep coming back no matter how many times Black America symbolically kills and “buries” it.

As long as institutional white amerikkka supports its use in popular media; as long as white beneficiaries of the term continue their passionate love affair with it; and as long as unconscious, brainwashed, cynical, and materialistic Afrikan descendants are willing to act as Black minstrels in the white supremacist traveling show, this term will continue to remain in general use, with its popularity unabated.

Final thought: no matter what the skin color of the mouth releasing that poison, this truth remains the same -- when the term is used, white amerikkka is uplifted, according to generations of tradition and power accorded the term, and Afrikan descendants are diminished and belittled by it.

White amerikkka invented and continues to benefit from this term. Let them take responsibility for it, drive a stake in its vampire heart, and bury it.

And to those of Afrikan descent still using the term:

“‘Nigger’ is a racial curse known around the world
and although we say its good, its not
no matter what you’ve heard

On the one hand we say that we
belong to Kings and Queens

Then we call each other ‘nigger’ like
we can change what ‘nigger’ means

See, I can call you ‘nigger’ or I can call you King
I can call you ‘nigger’ or I can call you Queen

‘Nigger’ is not a word that elevates
so we must collectively eliminate that word
that word, that ugly, ugly word.”

From “That Word” by Adar Ayira © 12.06

Moving Forward,