Thursday, December 25, 2008


‘Tis the Season to once again see who and what we are really worshiping: Christ or Consumerism.

Although it is easy to forget, this is really a spiritual and religious holiday -- and I'm not talking about worshiping at the altar of consumerism, although we genuflect at that altar en masse every year about this time.

But this year it is different: we are in the middle of an economic crises such as we have not seen since, many say, the Great Depression. People -- especially Afrikan descendants (African Americans) -- are losing homes, jobs, and life savings; are hanging on, having survived gas prices of almost $5.00 per gallon, ARM loans that doubled the price of mortgages and foreclosed homes like falling Dominos; and long-established companies folding as quickly as a bad poker hand.

People are running scared and feeling grateful for just holding on. . .

Just in time to go out and amass MORE debt in the name of Christmas.

You'd think we'd be dropping to our knees and giving thanks in prayer for surviving, economically, in a year that many have not. You'd think that, for Christians, the focus would be on the "Christ" in "Christmas" rather than on that other “C” -- Consumerism -- that we've been seduced to believing is ". . .the reason for the season."

It is at times like these when our faith (however we believe) needs to be front and center.

Or maybe -- through our need to "feed the beast" of materialism and consumerism even in the midst of so much economic pain -- we are truly showing who and what we are worshipping.

And it has nothing to do with Christ, so let’s stop faking it.

Holding in prayer you and all those you hold dear! Walk in faith, let Spirit surround you. . .and whatever you believe or are celebrating this Season, let it be deeper than consumerism and materialism.

Moving Forward!